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Upgrades: Upgrades and Retrofits to
Energy Saving LED Commercial Lighting.



Lighting, for the Office and Parking Lot, is one of the largest contributors to a business’ energy expense. However, switching to energy efficient commercial LED lighting will save you approximately 80% on your lighting bill. Commercial LED lighting has a 50,000 hour life rating, compared to 5,000 hour life rating for incandescent, therefore requires less maintenance and replacement cost.

Progressive Lighting Solutions is the commercial LED lighting solution specialist you need for outdoor commercial lighting, parking lot lighting, sport field lighting, and interior office lighting. We offer the highest quality commercial LED light installation, upgrades, and replacements at prices that you can afford. We serve North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia areas. All of our commercial lighting fixtures are manufactured in the United States.

Why leave your commercial lighting to chance when you could have the LED lighting experts on your side? We work with you from start to finish, ensuring your 100% satisfaction with our products and service.

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Save up to 80% on your business’ lighting bill. Ask us about current Energy Rebates for your area.

We offer a 10 Year Warranty on Commercial LED Lights, saving your business money on replacement costs.

80% reduced energy cost.
Save money. Reduced waste. Eco-friendly and more sustainability.

Why is LED Commercial Lighting Better?

  • SAVE as much as 80% on your lighting bill
  • Your business looks more inviting
  • Your workspace may become safer for both your team members and customers
  • Brighter lights add more security
  • Makes your workspace brighter
  • LED lighting has a longer life which reduces the need for maintenance and replacements

Some energy companies offer incentives or rebates when businesses upgrade to energy saving LED lighting. LED Office Lighting can save you as much as 80% on your lighting bill.

Commercial LED Lighting Installation, Replacement, and Upgraded provided to North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia.