Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting

Concerned about the outdoor lighting at your business? The exterior of your company is the first impression many customers have of your business. If it is dimly lit or uninviting, you could send potential customers to your competitors.

Hire the commercial outdoor lighting specialists at Progressive Lighting Solutions. We offer the following commercial lighting services for your business outdoor lighting needs throughout the North Carolina and South Carolina areas:

  • Wall pack lighting
  • Uplighting
  • Pole lighting
  • Parking lot lights
  • Parking deck lights
  • Street lights

We are a DLC Certified Light Company with more than 39 years of experience in the industry. We provide you with the highest quality commercial exterior LED lights to help enhance the appearance and function of your business.

As a part of our lighting services, we offer a complete site audit at night. This allows our specialists to recommend the right products to help ensure the safety, productivity, and aesthetic appeal of your business.

We have the largest selection of parking lot LED products that are manufactured in the US that can be used in any application. Each of our products includes a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Why choose LED lighting, whether new installation or upgrades? Not only are the LED lights brighter, they can also save you up to 80% on your business lighting energy bill while providing you with more light. LED lights also last longer, reducing your costs for maintenance and replacement. Some energy companies offer incentives or rebates when businesses upgrade to energy-saving LED lighting.

Let the specialists at Progressive Lighting Solutions help you today!

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